An addictive mobile game

Simple to play

Just tap the colors in the grid that match the colors at the top of the screen. Collect and use specials to achieve higher levels and earn even more scores.

Hard to master

Time, constantly changing grids and colors, and a number of other obstacles make every play of Color Tap a new and interesting challenge.

Easy to love

Multiple game modes, challenges, power-ups, social leader boards, and so much more. Hours of fun, all for FREE!

Current Kings of Color Tap


pat — 64 Points. Currently ruling over 11 other players.

Timed Boards

sydney — 75 Points. Currently ruling over 12 other players.

Icon Mania

pootinvp — 64 Points. Currently ruling over 12 other players.

Language Mania

falicon — 10 Points. Currently ruling over 0 other players.

Math Mania

tyrthor115 — 71 Points. Currently ruling over 6 other players.

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Enter a username to see where they currently are in the overall standings.


The story behind Color Tap

Color Tap is the product of the father-and-son team of Kevin and Timothy Marshall.

Timothy, 11, had been begging his parents for his own cell phone. However his parents told him he would have to earn some money to cover the costs before he could get one. Being that he was only 11 and therefore unable to land steady work, he eventually came up with the idea of building a mobile game app as a potential revenue stream (and he thought worst case it would be yet another excuse to need a mobile phone for 'testing').

Kevin, being a programmer by trade, of course liked and wanted to encourage the idea (thinking that if nothing else, it would give him an excuse to teach Timothy a little programming, critical thinking, design, marketing and maybe even a little responsability).

After a few days of kicking around lots of different game ideas (most of which Kevin vetoed due to complexity) and a quite a bit of lecturing (by Kevin) on how to 'start small', the two eventually settled on the basic idea of color tap.

As the team started to flesh out the idea a bit more, they also started to research what other similar games or ideas were already in the market. Through that process, they heavily borrowed, and sometimes blatently copied, as much of the great stuff as possible (and tried to avoid as much of the horrible stuff as possible).

What you see throughout the app is the result.

If you want to check it out, you can get the Android version or get the iPhone version for FREE!

P.S. We are pleased with the result and think we've built a pretty good game. But most of all, we hope you enjoy it (and of course tell all your friends about it too).

P.P.S. Thanks to all of you, Timothy did end up earning enough to buy his own iPhone! Since he's reached his initial goal, he now just wants as many people to enjoy the app as possible so we've made the app 100% FREE.